The Darkness in the Light

A tiny percent of gloom lingering

Deep within hidden away in fright

No one can see the darkness

you must always smile and look bright

But what if that darkness is your true self

Slowly disappearing without a chance to fight

For is it ok to not think of rainbows and unicorns all the time

Having all the positivity in the world

But does it count if negatively no longer exists there’s no way to know the difference

The darkness brings you closer to your lost ones

The darkness shows you things hard to see in the light

Instead of losing it all I rather appreciate all sides of life

Take the time to consider your darkness in your light


Scared to take risks

Worrying about other people thoughts of you

Not a good way to live

Always looking over your shoulder to see if someone heard something

Or if they notice imperfection

Why is that important to us?

Why should we care on others opinions?

Why aren’t our own good enough?

Letting embarrassment stop our victories

Causing us to give up without trying

Keep your head held high without feeling judged

People are going to watch whether you fail or pass

So might as well enjoy your life

Do it for you

Try it for your heart

Live it to your best

Be brave to take risks

And just remember to