I miss you


I want you


But I refuse to break first

I rather end a chapter before I open a book

Then open it and have you tear my pages out

But I miss you


I want you

Fear runs through my blood

The possibility of not seeking each other

Your hand failing to reach my own




I want you

I miss you


Education is power

I mean that’s what they say

But it took me a little while to realize that train of thought is here to stay

Events in our world today, fighting for equality, dealing with police brutality

Being ignorance isn’t bliss

It’s a big miss

No one can take that education from you

What you learned in schools, on the streets, wherever is here to stay

Education is power and we will use it to fight to get our way



In terms of strength

Physical, mentally and emotionally

But stay standing tall


Not living up to the expectations from the generations before them

But still pushing forward

Strengthening your mind

Strengthening your heart

Keep going

Don’t give up


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To eat or not to eat, that is the query

To fit into the model image

The struggles of losing a huge amount of weight in a short period of time

The pressure from the media, from your peers

To have someone say you are pretty for a fat girl

To be tired of reaching down and on the edge of ripping your soul from your seams

To not care about the side effects as long as you can comfortably wear the latest trends

Being confident while feeling sick

To be on the highway of a fast dream but not being able to survive once you reach the exit

My dear to eat or not to eat, that is the query


This was inspired by an anonymous submission to my word prompt link. If you haven’t checked it out yourself please feel free to Submit Writing Prompts it can be whatever you want and I will write about it!

Thank you to the person that submitted ”To be or not to be” and I hope you enjoyed my twist on it dealing with it. Also I hope the message within the poem is touched and reached by others. It is something I personally struggled with in my life journey. Feel free to leave a comment and a like. Thanks again 🙂

Tick Tock

Counting without a purpose

Sounds a bit crazy

Feeling a bit worthless is just a phase see

Others quick to judge

But no one takes the time to

Dig deep but without doing too much

Drip drip

Running down a warm arm

Marks and bruises left for evidence

But no one cares enough to see it as relevant

Cry for attention?

More like a cry for redemption

Why did God make me like this?

Why am I never happy with this?

Splatter splatter what a mess

I am counting without a purpose







Scent of sweet honey

It reminds me of

Eye catching signs and being

Dressed to the nines

Noticeable on teeth

Don’t want to see it on your feet

Signs of going slow

The feeling of being high and not low

Easy going


Humble and all around fun

Butter and egg yolks

And being good to your folks

That’s what yellow means to me


New series of color poems coming! Any feedback or picks on what color to do next let me know in a comment 🙂

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Faded to black

The pain the screams

Your hand leaving mine

All the months gone with

A simple line

Faded to black

Promises made broken

Yelling and screams but still so many words left unspoken

Faded to black

Your mom still calls mine

Not too sure yet if that’s fine

Daily conversations between us

Went to blank stares and deleting

How fast we can all just be

Faded to black

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