Future leader of the world


Cotton Candy

Strawberry Cake

Breast cancer awareness ribbon

Pink is always linked to women

The underlying bias we have to work hard to get rid of

Though it does show the strength

But we are so much more

Than Pink.


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Education is power

I mean that’s what they say

But it took me a little while to realize that train of thought is here to stay

Events in our world today, fighting for equality, dealing with police brutality

Being ignorance isn’t bliss

It’s a big miss

No one can take that education from you

What you learned in schools, on the streets, wherever is here to stay

Education is power and we will use it to fight to get our way



In terms of strength

Physical, mentally and emotionally

But stay standing tall


Not living up to the expectations from the generations before them

But still pushing forward

Strengthening your mind

Strengthening your heart

Keep going

Don’t give up


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Body so drained

Loss of knowledge is spreading

I’m feeling very sprained

Like this generation is treading

On a thick rope because if too thin the Karen’s and kens will complain about their backs

Everything is now given no point in being number one anymore you get that participation in and your on track

A joke

This crazy world is becoming

But is the world crazy on its own

Or is it the ones who occupy a space in it

Defeat turned 180 is victory

Defeat is something the haters try to put a face on it

So stand up and not let it be you

This might start feeling a bit contradictory

But the point I’m making is

Nobody should like DEFEAT


Scared to take risks

Worrying about other people thoughts of you

Not a good way to live

Always looking over your shoulder to see if someone heard something

Or if they notice imperfection

Why is that important to us?

Why should we care on others opinions?

Why aren’t our own good enough?

Letting embarrassment stop our victories

Causing us to give up without trying

Keep your head held high without feeling judged

People are going to watch whether you fail or pass

So might as well enjoy your life

Do it for you

Try it for your heart

Live it to your best

Be brave to take risks

And just remember to