Taste the Real.

Try to stay true to yourself

Never change to adapt to anyone else

Learning what you can do to put your smile on your face

You can be alone without feeling lonely

Loving yourself is always fun before you have time to love anyone else

Go into the light but stop before the clouds

Keep shining bright no matter whose around

God made everyone different

So why waste time fitting in and being limited



Live YOU

and most importantly

Love YOU!

Blow Me.

Dry mouth

Air from you is needed

Running my tongue across my dry lips

Dry and peeling

Desperately need your breath

Just blow across my face

Awaken my inner eye

The clarity you give me is my cure

An illness in which you heal and make me sicker in every moment

So addictive

My poor dry mouth


You make my heart beat

Super fast

I feel chills when you look my way

My entire being is getting torn away

Stay with me forever

Make pancakes with me with those silly ears for life

Wake up and always think about me

You cure all my pain away

The greatest love that I can’t replace

When we fight and the angry melts

Your face is all I ask for with no doubts