Emotionally Fed Up.

I’m tired of the thank yous for being there

But not getting any love in return

I’m tired of the sorrys

But coming around to do the same thing again

I refuse to let you take my stuff

I already given it up before

This time I know my worth

And it’s not going any where else

I’m tired of the no shows

The maybes and the oh nos

I just want someone down

But they can save all the extra stuff

Faded to black

The pain the screams

Your hand leaving mine

All the months gone with

A simple line

Faded to black

Promises made broken

Yelling and screams but still so many words left unspoken

Faded to black

Your mom still calls mine

Not too sure yet if that’s fine

Daily conversations between us

Went to blank stares and deleting

How fast we can all just be

Faded to black

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Energy Taken From Me

The energy taken from me

Can not be returned

Shaping myself to fit your needs and not my own

Pretending to be the girl of your dreams

But not living out to achieve mine

Watching what I say

Making sure not to hurt your feelings

Draining my soul for you

I get nothing in return

Nothing not even a proper goodbye

Waste of months waste of time

But I regained myself

No longer do I have to ask permission to live my own life

To be free of going out and not answering texts and calls

Freedom to say and do as I please

To eat pizza everyday if I like

No judgement

Here’s to all the energy taken from me