Free me.

I close my eyes and all I see is the darkness that appeared around me

I open them and it’s still dark

How can I find my way out?

How can I break free from the chains instilled on me?

I hear a howl

I see nothing

I hear a scream

I see red

All this darkness around me is now filled with brown dirt

No one came to save me

Forever alone in this world


Emotionally Fed Up.

I’m tired of the thank yous for being there

But not getting any love in return

I’m tired of the sorrys

But coming around to do the same thing again

I refuse to let you take my stuff

I already given it up before

This time I know my worth

And it’s not going any where else

I’m tired of the no shows

The maybes and the oh nos

I just want someone down

But they can save all the extra stuff



In terms of strength

Physical, mentally and emotionally

But stay standing tall


Not living up to the expectations from the generations before them

But still pushing forward

Strengthening your mind

Strengthening your heart

Keep going

Don’t give up


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Scorching hot like eggs frying on the ground

Soft as fluffy cotton balls leaving behind traces of itself everywhere

That’s how affectionate you were

Like a tornado on a war path

Taking off quickly but always leaving behind a sign that you were there

Hard to keep a track of

Never slowing down long enough for something solid

Chasing a dream with you but I was never fast enough to keep up

Not sure if you knew exactly what you wanted

You just knew no one and nothing was going to hold you back

Burdens of waking up to the same face everyday

Was something you loved to say

But I find it beautiful to grow with someone and see the changes

Time to get a rope

Learn to lasso it right

That’s the only way to keep up

Is to capture the love with all my might

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Scent of sweet honey

It reminds me of

Eye catching signs and being

Dressed to the nines

Noticeable on teeth

Don’t want to see it on your feet

Signs of going slow

The feeling of being high and not low

Easy going


Humble and all around fun

Butter and egg yolks

And being good to your folks

That’s what yellow means to me


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Everyday Ish

You are panicking

sweat drops

You were relaxing and suddenly all the hair on your arms are at full attention

You hear every little movement made around you

You look around trying to remember where that vital device is

Your ears start burning or maybe it’s ringing

Your chest get a little tight while your tummy is in knots

Why can’t you find it?

Did it fall under the bed, get lost in the never ending bottom on the side of the couch cushions or maybe borrowed?

Your heart finally slows as you smile while placing your hand around your…..

phone charger

But yet if someone were to ask you for aid

Will you give that much energy to a love one that you do to electronic distractions?

Will you immediately jump up, heart racing and eager to accomplish

Or is that too far below your standards to even cause a prompting

Think about it next time you have a


Putting on a Show with Feels

The pain in this world

Where in order to co-exist we must sit behind screens to communicate

To express

Love, hate and pain

Where we can no longer reach out for a hug without questioning where the other person been

A world where you must cover up your expressions with a mask

But the joke is on them

I been wearing a mask years before this era

A mask that I wore for so long I forgot who I am as a person

A mask that hides my inner thoughts, my demons

Oh I am so putting on a show with feelings

This society is turning chaotic

Can’t trust anyone who can’t trust themselves

So I guess that means you can’t trust me

But why would I care

I’m still stuck wearing this mask under a mask

Now tell me how does that make you feel

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