Free me.

I close my eyes and all I see is the darkness that appeared around me

I open them and it’s still dark

How can I find my way out?

How can I break free from the chains instilled on me?

I hear a howl

I see nothing

I hear a scream

I see red

All this darkness around me is now filled with brown dirt

No one came to save me

Forever alone in this world


Tick Tock

Counting without a purpose

Sounds a bit crazy

Feeling a bit worthless is just a phase see

Others quick to judge

But no one takes the time to

Dig deep but without doing too much

Drip drip

Running down a warm arm

Marks and bruises left for evidence

But no one cares enough to see it as relevant

Cry for attention?

More like a cry for redemption

Why did God make me like this?

Why am I never happy with this?

Splatter splatter what a mess

I am counting without a purpose



Body so drained

Loss of knowledge is spreading

I’m feeling very sprained

Like this generation is treading

On a thick rope because if too thin the Karen’s and kens will complain about their backs

Everything is now given no point in being number one anymore you get that participation in and your on track

A joke

This crazy world is becoming

But is the world crazy on its own

Or is it the ones who occupy a space in it

Defeat turned 180 is victory

Defeat is something the haters try to put a face on it

So stand up and not let it be you

This might start feeling a bit contradictory

But the point I’m making is

Nobody should like DEFEAT