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Everyday Ish

You are panicking

sweat drops

You were relaxing and suddenly all the hair on your arms are at full attention

You hear every little movement made around you

You look around trying to remember where that vital device is

Your ears start burning or maybe it’s ringing

Your chest get a little tight while your tummy is in knots

Why can’t you find it?

Did it fall under the bed, get lost in the never ending bottom on the side of the couch cushions or maybe borrowed?

Your heart finally slows as you smile while placing your hand around your…..

phone charger

But yet if someone were to ask you for aid

Will you give that much energy to a love one that you do to electronic distractions?

Will you immediately jump up, heart racing and eager to accomplish

Or is that too far below your standards to even cause a prompting

Think about it next time you have a


Oh Lord.

These feelings oh Lord

Bad girl I don’t know what to feel anymore

Someone save me

These walls

These eyes

They are closing in on me
I’m just a sucka for love

One who is always lost

Waiting to be found

Will you find me ?
Don’t make any promises

When the sun shines you always there to cover it…

Why sparkle me with doubt?

Why keep me in a bubble?

Will you find me?

These feelings oh Lord.



Body so drained

Loss of knowledge is spreading

I’m feeling very sprained

Like this generation is treading

On a thick rope because if too thin the Karen’s and kens will complain about their backs

Everything is now given no point in being number one anymore you get that participation in and your on track

A joke

This crazy world is becoming

But is the world crazy on its own

Or is it the ones who occupy a space in it

Defeat turned 180 is victory

Defeat is something the haters try to put a face on it

So stand up and not let it be you

This might start feeling a bit contradictory

But the point I’m making is

Nobody should like DEFEAT


Scared to take risks

Worrying about other people thoughts of you

Not a good way to live

Always looking over your shoulder to see if someone heard something

Or if they notice imperfection

Why is that important to us?

Why should we care on others opinions?

Why aren’t our own good enough?

Letting embarrassment stop our victories

Causing us to give up without trying

Keep your head held high without feeling judged

People are going to watch whether you fail or pass

So might as well enjoy your life

Do it for you

Try it for your heart

Live it to your best

Be brave to take risks

And just remember to



You make my heart beat

Super fast

I feel chills when you look my way

My entire being is getting torn away

Stay with me forever

Make pancakes with me with those silly ears for life

Wake up and always think about me

You cure all my pain away

The greatest love that I can’t replace

When we fight and the angry melts

Your face is all I ask for with no doubts



Over worked


Struggling to do three jobs in one

More like five

Maybe six


Listen to me

If I’m not here who would run this place

You will notice the small things the small things I do to make this place great

Appreciate the things you take for granted

Those tears and hard work is to make a greater future

But who will be there to wipe the tears away while you doing so

Who can I reach out to talk to for advice if your not here here

But you there there making my future

Is there a point where you want the person to work hard for a good life but want them there to live it with you in the present

I do Lord

I do

When I fall down who can bandage me up

Not the parent who is always at work or in bed

But I need to be grateful so I will fall back

I appreciate you but your not the only one


Rain Talks

Drip drip mumbled words

Time to be one with nature

And enjoy the whispers from God



Listen to the plops

Sometimes the calmness of a sentence holds more bite

Take the time to focus on things around you without going into a fright

The rain talks

It turns things dark and ruin plans

It makes you run and miss your tan

Splitter splatter drop drop drop

The rain talks

Putting on a Show with Feels

The pain in this world

Where in order to co-exist we must sit behind screens to communicate

To express

Love, hate and pain

Where we can no longer reach out for a hug without questioning where the other person been

A world where you must cover up your expressions with a mask

But the joke is on them

I been wearing a mask years before this era

A mask that I wore for so long I forgot who I am as a person

A mask that hides my inner thoughts, my demons

Oh I am so putting on a show with feelings

This society is turning chaotic

Can’t trust anyone who can’t trust themselves

So I guess that means you can’t trust me

But why would I care

I’m still stuck wearing this mask under a mask

Now tell me how does that make you feel

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Energy Taken From Me

The energy taken from me

Can not be returned

Shaping myself to fit your needs and not my own

Pretending to be the girl of your dreams

But not living out to achieve mine

Watching what I say

Making sure not to hurt your feelings

Draining my soul for you

I get nothing in return

Nothing not even a proper goodbye

Waste of months waste of time

But I regained myself

No longer do I have to ask permission to live my own life

To be free of going out and not answering texts and calls

Freedom to say and do as I please

To eat pizza everyday if I like

No judgement

Here’s to all the energy taken from me