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To eat or not to eat, that is the query

To fit into the model image

The struggles of losing a huge amount of weight in a short period of time

The pressure from the media, from your peers

To have someone say you are pretty for a fat girl

To be tired of reaching down and on the edge of ripping your soul from your seams

To not care about the side effects as long as you can comfortably wear the latest trends

Being confident while feeling sick

To be on the highway of a fast dream but not being able to survive once you reach the exit

My dear to eat or not to eat, that is the query


This was inspired by an anonymous submission to my word prompt link. If you haven’t checked it out yourself please feel free to Submit Writing Prompts it can be whatever you want and I will write about it!

Thank you to the person that submitted ”To be or not to be” and I hope you enjoyed my twist on it dealing with it. Also I hope the message within the poem is touched and reached by others. It is something I personally struggled with in my life journey. Feel free to leave a comment and a like. Thanks again πŸ™‚

Winter Haiku

Bitter cold, snow falls

Snuggle up with warm blanket

Snowflake transparent


Inspired to write a Haiku by Burning Poems who can be found by clicking this link! Beautiful work:


Turn your back

That’s when they come to play

Mama Jen reaches for her flask

Uncle Ben goes down to line up a track

Little Sara and Ken running around chasing hens

Put that light on and everything goes back to place

Looking in at their perfect faces but turn out those lights

That’s when they come to play

Daddy Phil is bandaging his bruised knuckles

Mama Jen needs about 8 more drinks

Her perfect body is cracking

No one sees the pain even these pure dolls can break

The Darkness in the Light

A tiny percent of gloom lingering

Deep within hidden away in fright

No one can see the darkness

you must always smile and look bright

But what if that darkness is your true self

Slowly disappearing without a chance to fight

For is it ok to not think of rainbows and unicorns all the time

Having all the positivity in the world

But does it count if negatively no longer exists there’s no way to know the difference

The darkness brings you closer to your lost ones

The darkness shows you things hard to see in the light

Instead of losing it all I rather appreciate all sides of life

Take the time to consider your darkness in your light



Scorching hot like eggs frying on the ground

Soft as fluffy cotton balls leaving behind traces of itself everywhere

That’s how affectionate you were

Like a tornado on a war path

Taking off quickly but always leaving behind a sign that you were there

Hard to keep a track of

Never slowing down long enough for something solid

Chasing a dream with you but I was never fast enough to keep up

Not sure if you knew exactly what you wanted

You just knew no one and nothing was going to hold you back

Burdens of waking up to the same face everyday

Was something you loved to say

But I find it beautiful to grow with someone and see the changes

Time to get a rope

Learn to lasso it right

That’s the only way to keep up

Is to capture the love with all my might

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Tick Tock

Counting without a purpose

Sounds a bit crazy

Feeling a bit worthless is just a phase see

Others quick to judge

But no one takes the time to

Dig deep but without doing too much

Drip drip

Running down a warm arm

Marks and bruises left for evidence

But no one cares enough to see it as relevant

Cry for attention?

More like a cry for redemption

Why did God make me like this?

Why am I never happy with this?

Splatter splatter what a mess

I am counting without a purpose







Scent of sweet honey

It reminds me of

Eye catching signs and being

Dressed to the nines

Noticeable on teeth

Don’t want to see it on your feet

Signs of going slow

The feeling of being high and not low

Easy going


Humble and all around fun

Butter and egg yolks

And being good to your folks

That’s what yellow means to me


New series of color poems coming! Any feedback or picks on what color to do next let me know in a comment πŸ™‚

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Faded to black

The pain the screams

Your hand leaving mine

All the months gone with

A simple line

Faded to black

Promises made broken

Yelling and screams but still so many words left unspoken

Faded to black

Your mom still calls mine

Not too sure yet if that’s fine

Daily conversations between us

Went to blank stares and deleting

How fast we can all just be

Faded to black

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